Rooted in traditional Swabian cooking

For the “Gasthaus zur Linde” in the old post office in Stuttgart Möhringen, we developed a look that combines the venerable charm of this listed building with some modern touches.

Fine Swabian dining in style - WECAUSE
Fine Swabian dining in style - WECAUSE

Fine Swabian dining in style

Customer Gasthaus Zur Linde

Fine Swabian dining in style: With the “Gasthaus zur Linde”, experienced restaurateurs Ferdi and Max Trautwein have made a place where they can really live their passion for cuisine and ambience. The menu features both classics and their own creations. The new look called for minimalist elegance which would offer the perfect stage for the food.

“The cuisine is the focus.”


Our design provides the visual setting for what really matters at “zur Linde”: the food. In coming up with the concept, we felt it was important that the design elements would complement the guests’ overall experience. The challenge consisted in staying minimalist, while still ensuring that the branding was distinctive and powerful.

Three harmoniously coordinated paper colors formed the basis of our design, with the “Linde” (linden tree) as a graphic motif tying the entire concept together. The branding is not obtrusive. But if guests examine it more closely, they will be impressed by the material quality of the menus, the reduced font designs, and the design of the wall prints.

“Every element makes sense on its own, thus contributing to the aesthetic and culinary impression as a whole.”

“We went on a journey with Ferdi and Max, and combined our taste universes.”

The Trautweins are professionals in their area. As we are in ours. On the basis of a coherent concept, we succeeded in producing a synesthetic overall picture – from corporate design to architecture – that offers guests a fantastic experience on every level of taste. That’s what the “Gasthaus zur Linde” stands for.

Daniel Naegele
WECAUSE Daniel Naegele Geschäftsführer

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