We’d like an office – but make it different!

It’s widely known that Red Bull left lovely Fuschl am See a long time ago. But what’s new is that the team has such a beautiful office in Frankfurt.

Red Bull Office - WECAUSE
Red Bull Office - WECAUSE

Red Bull Office

Customer Red Bull

Red Bull has been a very exciting client for years, and we partner with them in all our areas of expertise.

In designing the office in Frankfurt, we were able to run wild with all the colorful options this powerful brand has to offer. Our brief was to translate the Red Bull world into an authentic work environment.

“There’s a terrific energy between our customers and us. Is it down to the drink?”

We were given great freedom when it came to design; we had carte blanche with regard to the brand architecture from first draft to execution. So with Red Bull we had a really fantastic sparring partner who gave us enormous scope for creativity and exchanging ideas.

Daniel Naegele
WECAUSE Daniel Naegele Geschäftsführer

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