Connecting history and modernity.

A spatial concept inspired by the corporate philosophy and translated into modern terms – aesthetic and multifunctional.

Taking a break in style - WECAUSE
Taking a break in style - WECAUSE

Taking a break in style

Customer d&b audiotechnik

We created a modern lounge area with foyer for d&b Audiotechnik, producing a new sense of space that invited guests to linger and chat. Wecause handled everything from planning to production. d&b Audiotechnik is a world market leader for professional audio systems. Despite its international success, the story of the company’s beginnings in the founder’s garage at home will always remain enshrined in the corporate philosophy, and this provided us with the cornerstone for our concept.

Our aim was to authentically translate the corporate values into a physical space of the highest visual and structural quality.

Our top priority here was that the employees would feel at home in this space.


We were able to subtly add touches of industrial chic to the aesthetic setting – a container as a room-in-room, striking lights, and a multifunctional room divider.

“An all-round good feeling during the lunch break.”

Interior design not only has to look good: most importantly, it has to be functional.
We focused on creating various spaces that were optimally adapted to the individual needs of the users.
The fantastic teamwork was characterized by the employees’ friendly and honest approach, allowing us to create a special space in which they are happy to spend time – also outside the lunch break.

Daniel Naegele
WECAUSE Daniel Naegele Geschäftsführer

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