Festivalization of trade fairs and conventions? Why not – but do it right!

At Stuttgart’s Schleyerhalle we set up a major networking event for the innovation center Code_n.

new.New Festival 2018 Weause-new-new-festival-messe01 - WECAUSE
new.New Festival 2018 Weause-new-new-festival-messe01 - WECAUSE

new.New Festival 2018

Customer Code_n
Departments trade show, event

A communication platform for digital pioneers, start-ups and corporates was created in the heart of Stuttgart in the shape of the new.New Festival. At its heart were a conference with various speakers, a start-up contest and panel discussions. Pretty comprehensive? Yes, it was! As the general contractor, we were involved from Day One, working with the client to develop a coherent concept, and then translating it into an event space of around 10,000 sqm.

“There was this idea of an inviting, green festival landscape – and three big, empty halls. Then we arrived.”

Code_n envisaged a place that would invite people to network, and would contain stages, exhibition space and comfortable areas for visitors to retreat. Our overarching design succeeded in creating a cluster of multipurpose spaces with a piazza as the central point. Radiating out from there, a graphic network element connected the various areas for intimate one-on-ones, talks, meetings and presentations.

“We used any amount of steel, timber, tape and barrier tape. Our highlight was the overall architectural concept which everyone got involved in by the end, regardless of whether start-up or corporate.”

The new.New Festival is a great (and big) example of how our areas of expertise cooperate closely and network. Our expertise in the areas of event planning and brand architecture came together, while our creative craftspeople took care of every detail on the construction site. Moving Image and Motion Design produced content for the various stages, Communication Design handled the guidance signage, Photography dealt with the event documentary. We work because we love this shit.

Daniel Naegele
WECAUSE Daniel Naegele Geschäftsführer

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