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Like walking on clouds, like sleeping on clouds. Birkenstock presented a new range of beds. We designed the brand space for the launch in Cologne and Milan.

Like living, only better - WECAUSE
Like living, only better - WECAUSE

Like living, only better

Customer Birkenstock

In extending its line, Birkenstock presented itself as an expert partner for sleeping and furniture. The focus here is on the aspect of wellbeing which fits perfectly with the Birkenstock brand essence. As part of its “Sleeping and Living” theme world, in 2017 Birkenstock presented its sleep system with beds, mattresses and slatted bed frames.

“We created a dedicated living world – and ideally, we’d have moved in there ourselves.”


In the middle of the trade fair centers in Cologne and Milan, we created a home: warm tones, snuggly materials, beautiful craftsmanship. In coming up with the design, it was important for us to transfer the “Birkenstock character” to furniture: comfortable, high-quality, honest, pleasantly functional. By reducing the various elements, we produced a high-end look, while the details and accessories injected personality.

“Thanks to short decision-making chains, we reached the goal quickly.”

Our client’s trust in us made it possible for us as a team to turn our ideas into reality – creatively, effectively and with a high standard of craftsmanship. The end result was a trade fair booth where the beds made one feel completely at at home – a feeling shared by everybody who visited.

Daniel Naegele
WECAUSE Daniel Naegele Geschäftsführer

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