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Catching the eye at a fashion show isn’t easy. Particularly when we’re talking about the Panorama – one of the fashion industry’s biggest fairs.

Denim – Just Play - WECAUSE
Denim – Just Play - WECAUSE

Denim – Just Play

Customer Tom Tailor

The brief from our longstanding client TOM TAILOR: Develop a booth concept that stands out from the rest. They wanted a stylish booth that would attract the target group of those aged 25–35. The focus here was on inviting naturalness, fresh design and the individuality of this urban, young line.

“Nothing’s off the peg with this project. We were completely hands-on, and it wasn’t only the staircase inclusive of statics that was custom-made.”

Working closely with our client and the Team Pera agency, we developed various drafts: a cool loft in which booth hostesses “live” in their TOM TAILOR denim outfits? A denim factory with industrial chic? Finally the factory was chosen – a concept that fits with both the zeitgeist and the brand message.

“As a highlight, the lower level was decorated with urban art, created by a Swiss artist on a surface that we manufactured specially.”

The pictures spoke for themselves. Thanks to great dialogue, we managed to pool the many ideas and requirements, and successfully deal with the complex coordination processes. Ultimately, alongside “just play” it obviously took plenty of hard work to reach the goal – and it was worth it.

Daniel Naegele
WECAUSE Daniel Naegele Geschäftsführer

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