Small tent – huge wind resistance

From Iron Man to Windsurf Festival: for two years in a row we traveled all over Germany with Mercedes-Benz and the mobile sports garage.

Mercedes-Benz #sportsgarage - WECAUSE
Mercedes-Benz #sportsgarage - WECAUSE

Mercedes-Benz #sportsgarage

Customer follow red

A tent that doesn’t look like a tent. A cool brand experience, deep and dirty. Transportable, and attractive to a new, young target group. That was our brief. Together with our partner, follow red, we developed a cozy presentation space with a workshop look from idea to execution. Several tons of steel ensured stability against up to eight wind strengths at nine stops.

“Thousands of kilometers from south to north – and with tons of steel in our baggage!”

We went from Frankfurt to Hamburg, from Rügen to Sylt, from festival to large-scale event. And our crew stood up to every wind strength on the Baltic coast – as did the #sportsgarage. Based on the prescribed concept for the roadshow module, we developed a flat-roofed tent, built specially to cope with powerful winds – with no butt joints, everything mitered.


“It’s always the first time once – the second time, everything gets easier.”

We do everything for the first time once. It was all new to us and a huge challenge during the first year. When we went back on tour in the second year, we were already perfectly rehearsed. We had twice as many stops, at least as much fun, and no less wind. In any event, it was an unforgettable time for everybody involved.

Daniel Naegele
WECAUSE Daniel Naegele Geschäftsführer

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