Trade fair booth for Mercedes-Benz MYVAN

The platform for present and future van lovers introduces itself at the Berlin Travel Festival. We created the booth for Mercedes-Benz.

WECAUSE Welcome to MYVAN-Life!
WECAUSE Welcome to MYVAN-Life!

Welcome to MYVAN-Life!

Customer fischerAppelt, play GmbH
By appearing at this 3-day festival, Mercedes-Benz was pursuing the goal of establishing its platform as an advisor and travel inspirer for new target groups. Van life means independence, unspoiled nature, unfettered freedom. How do you transfer this vibe to a trade fair hall? Together with fischerAppelt play, we developed a booth that fascinates people and makes them want to travel – but also makes them want to stay!

“Our MYVAN booth should amaze both fans of the platform and people who are new to this way of life!”

The stories on talk about life on the road: just you, your van, and the coast, the mountains, the forests and the ocean. Our concept makes this spirit tangible. A booth as a mountain panorama in front of which the walkable van is waiting to go on its next trip. Screens with mood films, maritime pine timbers and rough metal elements produce an overall picture that arouses a feeling of freedom without being kitschy.

“A great project, after which the whole team longed to go on vacation!”

We absolutely loved the MYVAN project! We had so much fun creating this small but beautiful trade fair booth. Although the timeline was tight, we managed to grasp the client’s vision and translate it into the physical space. Our client was just as happy about the end result as we were. Nature’s calling!

Daniel Naegele
WECAUSE Daniel Naegele Geschäftsführer

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