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Netflix & Thrill:
We brought top series into the analog world for the streaming service’s appearance at Gamescom – inclusive of electric chair and tattoo station.

Netflix & Thrill - WECAUSE
Netflix & Thrill - WECAUSE

Netflix & Thrill

Customer Netflix
Departments trade show, set building

Netflix asked us to design its trade fair experience at Gamescom. The streaming service wanted its first “experiential” appearance in the German market to be a real knockout. The client required us to translate the umbrella brand and its own series productions into real worlds, thus generating digital reach.

Visitors were immersed in “Stranger Things”, “Love Death & Robots”, “Money Heist” and “Dark” in four different experiential worlds, photographed themselves in detailed replicas of the sets, and shared their adventures on social media. There were also two gaming stations for “Stranger Things” and “Dark Crystal”, along with a peaceful quiet zone, where visitors could recharge their cell phones and their own batteries away from the Gamescom madness.

“The black cube”


We developed a concept that drew in visitors to the booth in the same way as a gamer is drawn into their latest game. Curiosity was whetted with a black cube as the mysterious shell. The clean external look combined the Netflix CI with familiar graphic elements from the series being presented, skillfully linking the two together visually.

To get visitors activated even before they arrived at the cube, initial contact opportunities were offered by photo spots in the outside area. The full experience however only unfolded once they had entered, when the visitors themselves became part of the series worlds.

Tattoos, soft-serve ice cream, top shot selfies

The legendary vault from Season 1 was waiting for visitors in the “Money Heist” zone. On the money pallets, they got a taste of the gangster gang’s adrenaline kick, and photographed themselves in a shower of coins for a top shot selfie. The photo went straight to their cell phones by QR code when they left the zone.

The world of “Love, Death & Robots” offered not only a 270-degree movie theater but also the chance of a “lasting” giveaway. Visitors here were able to get a real LDR tattoo. Sounds crazy? But it wasn’t: all appointments were completely booked out within the first hour of the show.

In the area for the German series “Dark” the focus was on authentic set replication. The series’ rooms, props, furniture and even wallpaper designs were lovingly recreated, proving uniquely fascinating to visitors. And, obviously, photos of visitors sitting in the electric chair were obligatory!

“Stranger Things” was available to take out: a genuine soft-serve ice cream at Scoops Ahoy or a can of Coke in the Special Edition by Coca Cola & Stranger Things. One of our highlight collaborations, alongside “Twix”.

It was six months from blank sheet to staging the show – not only a challenge for us, but also phenomenal fun. First and foremost, however, it was a real team effort and the results and feedback exceeded all of our expectations.


Long lines, controversial topics of conversation, countless giveaways and reach generation far beyond the show itself: our trade fair experience for Netflix really hit the spot. Over ten thousand of the photos taken there were shared with the series and Netflix hashtags and sent out into the digital world – reach that we could only dream of when we started work on the concept.

Daniel Naegele
WECAUSE Daniel Naegele Geschäftsführer

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